RV and Sports Show

It has been a couple of days since I’ve done an update. I have been having a lot of head aches and shoulder pain. We went Friday to the Sports and RV show. It was pretty expensive to get in and all they had was about a dozen 5th wheels. Nothing else that we were interested in any way. We should have gone to the RV show before this but we didn’t have the money at the time. We did get lots of great ideas to incorporate into whatever we decide on in the end. My big question is, why don’t they add toy haulers to regular RV’s? Why do you have to pull something behind you if you get anything but a 5th wheel? We don’t want to pull stuff. We want to be like turtles and have our home on our back, not dragging stuff behind us. We need space to put walkers and canes and Carole’s oxygen stuff. Also Carole wants to get a couple of Vespas ;p so we can get to shopping without having to move the RV. Carole wants a place to sew and I want a pace to art besides plein air. I was thinking separate rooms with the bathroom in between. Each with a single bed and a folding desk cabinet across and more storage above the beds. That is not how I originally drew it, but after thinking about it, I felt the bathroom should go between the bedrooms. From there forward it is pretty standard RV stuff. Kitchen, dinette with booths that make a bed and a couch that makes a bed and a bed over the cab. That way when we have the kids and family on vacations we have plenty of sleeping space.
I have pictures to go through of things to sell. I have been tripping over boxes of things to get rid of. It is daunting to go through all of this. I spent my last hours before bed last night going through paper work that I have kept for so many years. I had my first taxes to my last in a folder. What do I actually need to keep and what do I need to let go of. I got 1 1/2 trash bags of shredded papers. It was funny saying goodbye to so much of my past. I ended up having a dream about being back to the land I grew up on. In my dream apparently I bought some of my uncles field and part of it was now a small lake.
That is all that is on my mind today. Thanks for checking in.

I Thunk and Thunk and…

Carole friend and I are trying to figure out how to get all our creative stuff into a class C. Originally, we were thinking a bus, but the idea of us ripping seats out and driving such a huge thing kinda did us in. I still would like to do a bus, but she drives more than I do, and we both need to be comfortable. It is probably way more work than we can handle any more. We looked at a Class A and it felt rather big to drive too. Plus we both tripped over the “dog house”. I have enough trouble keeping from tripping on or choking Carole with her oxygen hose. I have had the idea to put a long cord up by the ceiling and throwing her hose over that to keep it off the floor.  A pull behind is out, so class C it is. She sews quilts and I do paper crafts, watercolor and acrylic and a bit of metal smith stuff. We have quite a lot to think about. We also have 3 cats. OY! I plan to sell off all my other arts and craft supplies. Everything interests me at least to try enough to hoard say leather working, jewelry making, wood burning ect. I still want to try glass bead making, but no! I have no self control. Oh, I didn’t get a pottery wheel. I only took a class on that, but it made my fibro and myofascial pain sky rocket. Thank God! I could just see me dragging home a kiln and throwing wheel.

1st RV

We went to see our first RV yesterday. Carole forgot her oxygen concentrator(we call it Sniffy) in the car and I had to run back to get it. This RV wasn’t perfect for us. It had some leaking around the windows. We would have had to tear out the closets and the queen bed in the bedroom to put in twin beds. The dog house was a bit much for us to climb over. so more searching. We don’t have any money to start yet anyway. I will attempt to do a video to add to this soon.

Go Go Hobo Grannies

I have set up a Go Fund Me page to help us to get on the road. Since I don’t want to write the whole who, why, what and wear again I will add the link.Go Go Hobo Grannies Please read it and support us in any way you can. If you are in the Wichita area and can help us to remodel a bus or rv, install electrical systems and solar and or have the patience to explain such to a couple of old ladies with memory problems, please contact us, either here or on our go fund me page. Thank you so much for helping to enrich our lives.